For the USITT 2016 which took place in March in Salt Lake City, the hall “Espace Theatre Muni-Spec” of Mont-Laurier has received the “2016 Architecture Award USITTs Honor Awards”. It is presented as a multipurpose hall able to accommodate traditional performing arts events as well as configurations for cabarets, banquets, corporate events and trade shows.

For this award , it was highlighted the structural grid of cross-laminated wood beams supports the roof and creates a canopy over the main entrance. It clearly communicates the importance of wood for the region and supports the local development of new technologies that add value to this natural resource with a better environmental footprint than steel and concrete.

The professionals awarded this prize were “the FABG Architects” for the architecture of the multipurpose hall and “Go multimedia” as Theatre Consultant.

Photo credit : Steve Montpetit