Music school | Université de Sherbrooke

An incubator for creation

Project description

Wanting to ensure that it remains competitive and to prepare tomorrow’s musicians for today’s music industry, the Université de Sherbrooke directly called upon the services of Go Multimedia to assist them in the design of their new recording studios as well as their teaching facilities.

We collaborated with the project team on issues of work ergonomics, scenography, acoustics and everything related to audio and video technology in the two major studios. The School of Music is equipped with a unique, state-of-the-art digital audio infrastructure. Its various creative spaces will be interlinked to offer students the greatest flexibility imaginable.

Through the multiple control rooms, it is possible to capture the sound of all the spaces dedicated to recording. In addition, some rooms are equipped with audiovisual recording systems to offer teachers and students a quick and easy way to record their performances.


CLIENT: Diffusion En Scène
DATE : Octobre 2017

Our implication

Creativity was the biggest challenge of this project. The technological and pedagogical will was well beyond the allocated budgets. Multiple control rooms, studios and practice rooms had to be linked together in order to multiply their use and maximize their occupancy. Intended for music students and not studio technicians, the systems had to be simple and educational, while reflecting the reality of tomorrow’s professional world.

We opted for IP digital audio solutions that allow us to decentralize the recording equipment and turn it into an extremely flexible and reconfigurable system. This has enabled us to set up a maximum number of services with a minimum of equipment. In addition, the spaces are connected to a video distribution system in order to allow music productions to be made on screen and thus ensure visual links between artists during recordings.  Finally, the particularities of the production workstations mean that users can, depending on their level of knowledge, configure their work sessions according to each use case.

Some highlights

Multiple control rooms
Interconnected studios and practice rooms
Unique digital audio infrastructure
Individual configuration of desks and work sessions
Digital Cloud Solutions with Remote Capture Services
Multitude of services with a minimum of equipment