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Two balls in space!


Project description

No, this isn’t the title of a doubtful 80s movie or a new kind of ice cream. Since April 2013, two domes have grown next to the Olympic Stadium. Once inside, you can go to the ends of the universe. You’re skeptical? Go sit comfortably in one of the armchairs perfectly angled to allow you to enjoy this immersive journey. We’ve thought of everything so that you, the viewer, can be impressed. Thanks to 4k and 2k resolutions, you can almost touch the stars. And just like in Star Wars (please pardon the pun!), There are sounds in space. Many sounds. The immersion is complete!

In this beautiful month of July 2015, the Planetarium has finally received the long awaited (since the opening of the place) LEED NC Platinum certification level. Congratulations on a great reward!

Project winner of the 7th edition of the Grands Prix du Design – Link to the portfolio

See the video on Youtube – Video Credit: Radio-Canada

See the video on Youtube – Video Credit: Space for Life

Photo credit : David Giral


CLIENT: Cardin Julien
DATE: April 2013

Our commitment

Being the type of project we do only once in our lives, we made several international trips to visit various planetariums and soak up their unique niche characteristics both in terms scenography than technological. The planetarium alone allows an accurate reproduction of the starry sky as seen from Earth, and this for both hemispheres. Close coordination was needed with all professionals and entrepreneurs throughout the project to ensure that no part of the universe was forgotten.

Photo credits : Marc Jobin

Some highlights

A video signal transmission system on optical fiber
A1 Level Server Room
Planetary specially designed for the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium
Technological cooperation between Japan – United States – Spain – Canada
Automated lighting management
Three fully automated training rooms

Photo credits : Stéphane Brügger