Place des Arts | Hanger System

Project Description

As part of the major construction site at Place des Arts, the main objective was to energize and rejuvenate the stage infrastructure of the three main theatres: Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier, Théâtre Maisonneuve and Théâtre Jean-Duceppe.

These works were necessary to meet safety standards and to keep pace with the scenic evolution of theatrical and musical productions, which require appropriate equipment for stage plays that are almost always in motion. The rejuvenation of the stage infrastructures also made it possible to improve the assembly and dismantling phases of the various productions while reinforcing the safety of the technicians’ work.



CLIENT: Place des Arts
DATE : Avril 2018

Our commitment

This project was a compilation of different challenges that have been done in the past. Place des Arts being a major showcase of Montreal culture, we had a month, by one day, for the final delivery of the three theatres.

The main part of the work was to replace and improve the original equipment, to make it safer to use while ensuring that the lifting systems used by the technicians of these theatres for over 40 years remained as flexible as ever. This included replacing and modernizing all the control panels of the motorized systems in the three halls, ensuring the protection of the technicians on the side of the counterweight chimney by integrating lighting ramps on dimmable switches at each of the catwalks and fixed screen panels at each level to prevent the counterweights from falling onto the catwalks and onto the stage.


Some highlights

Sustainability of existing counterweight lifting systems;
Replacement of all loft blocks, head blocks, cables and double battens;
Upgrading of the scenic electric infrastructure of Maisonneuve and Wilfrid Pelletier;
Fully motorized side battens for the Maisonneuve Theater;
Three variable speed battens (0 to 360ft / min) with custom control system for the Wilfrid Pelletier hall;
New LED lighting system for all circulation and work areas of scenic spaces;

The Wilfrid Pelletier room is equipped with a custom-built variable speed batten control module, designed on the basis of a very simple observation. It should be very handy and easy to use. This led us to opt for the joint use of joysticks, each assigned to its own carrier and associated with dedicated selectors. Selectors allowing the use of a single joystick when it is necessary to operate two or three carriers at the same time. This choice of control system allows us to greatly reduce handling and operating errors while offering maximum precision in the handling of the battens.

The entire surface of the technical grids of the three theatres was completely cleaned, emptied of all unused or obsolete stock, and then rearranged for the needs of each of the theatres (colour-coded floor markings for circulation corridors, identification of storage areas, areas for the installation of temporary stage equipment, the various permissible loads that the technical grids can support, etc.).