Palais Montcalm | Quebec

A perfect score

Project Description

We can’t ignore this fabulous project that is the Palais Montcalm, A jewel!

Thanks to its mobile canopy and performant stage floor that the Raoul-Jobin Hall can offer world-renowned acoustics. A venue of this type is to be considered as a musical instrument. In order to enable the best rendering, the best sound, it’s always necessary to make adjustments. That’s why we are still collaborating with the Palais Montcalm in the tweaking of these settings to allow the venue to attain full maturity.

Raoul-Jobin concert hall received the audience award in 2007 and also received news footage about the acoustics of the place on the scientific TV show Découverte.

See the documentary on Go multimedia’s Youtube channel Credit : Radio-Canada


CLIENT: Quebec City
DATE : Mars 2007


An important aspect of this project was to activate and operate six 6,000 kg capacity engines simultaneously. Being an acoustic spoiler, the canopy needed to remain in the same horizontal position, regardless of the height of its usage. The other important aspect of our work was to ensure that the acoustics of the venue could enable studio recordings at this location, including all the necessary services. We also provided the ability to switch the power supply of the building through an external power generator to make sure there are no interruptions in recording mode.

Some highlights

Design on a heritage site
25 ton canopy controlled via a touch pad (a world first)
Variable acoustics
Infrastructure attachment can accommodate large-scale performances with 24 anchor points
Studied gutter system for temporary wiring
Unique design of chairs for this project in collaboration with the manufacturer
Control of the lighting elements, video and sound using a PC tablet