Marguerite-Bourgeoys Concert Hall | Collège Régina-Assumpta

A powerful classroom

Project Description

The Marguerite-Bourgeoys hall was built in the heart of Regina Assumpta College, more specifically, in its courtyard. The students are quite fortunate to have access to such a beautiful venue. There’s no better way to learn music than in a place where acoustics are amplified by a conch shell. It’s also a wonderful tool to learn the ins and outs of the craft. From lifting through sound, video and stage lighting, I admit that I wish I had access to all this during my studies. What’s more, they even have running performances at noon which allows them to better digest their lunches.

I’ll stop here; it’s starting to look like an advertisement.

One last word to say we are very proud to have helped bring this magnificent classroom concert hall for both students and the community. Because yes, you too can go!

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CLIENT : Collège Regina Assumpta
DATE : 2012

Our Commitment

As you can see from these pictures, the project objective was to have a perfect integration of an acoustic shell in the architecture and design of the venue without showing all the necessary mechanics to maneuver and install. This acoustic shell allows variation of the stage volume, so that the sound performance is maintained, both for the benefit of a symphony orchestra as for a quartet or a string quintet. Combined with a motorized steering system for ceiling panels and a carriage on air cushion for vertical panels, these different configurations of the band shell are easy to set up and without much difficulty by few people.

Some Highlights

Rooms converting into classrooms with integrated video and sound projection
Ceiling panels from the integrated acoustic shell to the motorized lifting system
Large video projection screen
High definition video projector
Powerful sound system integrated into the architecture
Developed media infrastructure supporting various configurations
Listening system for hearing impaired