Théâtre du Marais | Val-Morin

A small theatre with the Laurentians in the background

Project Description

Who says new building says new room for the Théâtre du Marais who operated in a charming, but declared unsafe, old synagogue. This new construction became, for the theatre, the opportunity to equip itself with a vast foyer with a view on the North river in order to hold small events there. As for the hall, it has maintained its intimate character with its small 176-seat capacity. This rare size makes the Théâtre du Marais an exceptional venue in Quebec.


CLIENT: Théâtre du Marais
DATE : Février 2015

Our implication

We provided consulting services in scenography and technological integration. Our team recommended, among other things, certain modifications such as that of the armchairs as well as that of the network of footbridges. These latest developments have been decisive in the design of the Theatre.

Our team proposed low-cost, highly efficient and secure systems. In terms of scenic hanging, a network of technical footbridges allows the installation of lighting while a set of 3 motorized pipe ensures the installation of scenery. A rail system under the walkways allows a single curtain to act both as a backstage curtain and as a mid-stage curtain. In terms of stage lighting, the Théâtre du Marais is one of our first projects to integrate LED lighting only. In short, there is no need have for expensive dimmers and energy-consuming stage lights to achieve the lighting quality required in this mode of use.

We prepared the tender documents for the acquisition and installation of this equipment and subsequently followed up the work at the site.

Some Highlights

Low budget
Tight timeline
Network of technical footbridges
Dual function stage curtain (mid-stage and backstage)
Full LED scenographic lighting
Theater with small capacity (176 seats)