Le Carré 150 | Victoriaville

Culturally Victoriaville


Project description

This Carré 150 is a brand new building that is part of the rehabilitation plan for Victoriaville’s downtown. It includes theaters, a rehearsal room and exhibition space for visual arts. The main venue, with its two balconies, offer various audience capabilities, the second venue is a geometrically variable space that can receive about 400 people and, finally, the showroom promotes the presentation of works by various artists. This balance in the relation between the various areas demanded to have a great understanding of the spaces functionalities and the ongoing operations of the various disciplines to ensure a perfect flow of personnel and the public between the three main halls without hindering their operation.


CLIENT: Momentum
DATE : September 2015

Our implication

To preserve the intimacy of the theater, we conceptualized a play area including a high stage house equipped with a technical grid accessible from a series of walkways and stairs safe for stage technicians. To complete this intimacy without denaturing it with a big scenic structure, we have a motorized rigging system completed by a computer and a controller able to manage several pre-recorded scenic configurations. This scenic infrastructure is completed by a fully digital frame for the entire connectivity dedicated to the transportation of audio and video signals.

Some highlights

High stage house with technical grid, walkways and stairs
Motorized and automated rigging system
Controller with several pre-recorded scenic configurations
Scenic rigging controlled through wired touchscreen operator console
Multiple configurations for the main venue: 500, 700 or 900 seats
Geometrically variable venue with trampoline
Audio and video signals over IP and DANTE protocol

The ideation of the geometrically variable room routed our choices to design a trampoline kind of technical ceiling, framed by walkways thus offering a very sage circulation and work area for the implementation of lighting and rigging equipment for multiple configurations.

This choice allowed also to use to its advantage the bearing structure of the trampoline for the installation of overhead cranes to facilitate the maneuvers of stage curtains. This whole stage structure allows technicians to reduce their installation time with ease.