Go Multimedia’s Little Critters

We are sympathetic persons with contagiously good moods. We each have our specialties, making our relationship with you homogeneous, rational and orderly. We cover all aspects relating to theatre engineering, technology and multimedia to ensure that your project lives up to your expectations. Besides, the professionalism that we put into our projects will let the champagne flow freely. Our respect of your deadline and budget is our priority. We are blessed to be known by many leading architectural and engineering firms and already made our operation and contribution of quality we offer project after project. For us, every project is unique and it is out of the question to do a copy/paste.

All about Go Multimedia
Founded in 1995, Go Multimedia was born during the technological effervescence of the 90s and the need to provide adequate responses and find appropriate and effective solutions in a world where technology and stage systems are constantly evolving.

Team Go, at your service!


Because we can!

With our business partners, we design, develop and implement effective ergonomic spaces where technologies are derived from the latest advances in the fields of image, sound, networking, automation and stage systems. With each mandate, our team takes up the challenge of finding the best solutions and ways of doing things to put your projects on center stage.

From a variety of complementary disciplines, our designers and project managers in Theatre Design and Technology Integration are always looking for the most effective and ergonomic solutions. Constantly active in the world of multimedia and advanced technologies, our specialist remain invaluable resources that will assist you in developing your project.


  • Theatre and stage planning
  • Fly tower and orchestra pit
  • Acoustical shell
  • Grid / Gridiron
  • Stage curtains
  • Planning for seats and chairs
  • Platform and stage elevator
  • Bridges and catwalks
  • Stage machinery and lifting systems


  • Recording and production studios
  • Public adress system
  • Wireless audio solution
  • Sound system for concert halls and large open spaces
  • Sound masking systems
  • Assistive listening systems
  • Simultaneous interpretation solutions


  • Conference room automation
  • Industrial Automation and PLC
  • Orchestra pits and conches
  • Automated parking management
  • Mobile and articulated stage
  • Show control system
  • Stage lighting control system
  • Architectural lighting control system
  • Interactive classrooms
  • Interactive voting system


  • Computer network architecture
  • Audio, video and communication
  • LAN WAN wired and wireless Systems
  • Cabling and Conduit planning
  • Optical fiber networks


  • Production studio
  • Broadcast studio and infrastructure
  • Large LED screens
  • Video conferencing system
  • Multi-screen projection system
  • Video over IP



We are able to meet a range of services from needs assessment to training resources allocated to technology and the scenography of our customers.

  • Needs assessment
  • Feasibility study – Reports and sketches
  • Program development
  • Budget Analysis
  • Operations structure charts
  • Operations structures and functional organizational charts
  • Technical plans and specifications
  • Workload specifications
  • Tender and RFP supervision
  • Word coordination and monitoring
  • Modelization
  • Inspections
  • Training